All about Core Web Vitals (Google)

According to various experts, user experience is a crucial part of SEO as it affects user metrics, which affects SEO rankings. Therefore, it is crucial to improve your user experience design so that your rank better on the Google search result and increase the credibility of your brand. As website designers and SEO experts strive to improve user experience, Google sets standards to help with UX. Now and then, it is not uncommon to hear that Google has released updates that are meant to help improve user experience. One of the most recent changes is the Core Web Vitals release. Below, we explain what this update is all about and how it affects SEO rankings.

What are the Core Web Vitals Metrics?

Core web vitals is a Google page experience ranking factor that comprises different algorithms. These three major metrics measure how fast page content loads, how stable content is in a browser, and how quickly the browser attends to user input. These metrics are not the only ones that matter after this update. They will work alongside other metrics such as HTTPS, intrusive interstitials, mobile-friendliness, and safe browsing. Together, they will form what is known as Page Experience Signal.

But why are these aspects of the user experience significant?

To fully understand the usefulness of these metrics, you should understand search engine basics . Google’s main job is to match a user’s search or query with the best possible research. Therefore, Google ranks pages according to their relevance and quality. Google web crawlers would look for high-quality content and match it to the search intent. Additionally, the search engine would check for aspects such as mobile-friendliness and safe browsing. Therefore, the ranking process was mostly semantic.

Right now, Google intends to do more to ensure that users get an even more quality experience. Therefore, it includes these vitals as one of its primary ranking signals. As a business owner, these changes may be crucial, especially in an industry that does not emphasize user experience and page load times. However, this update may not be such a big worry for companies that have already prioritized fast load times. More changes, especially in the mobile search space, are meant to happen as Google enhances mobile-first indexing. To be rewarded by Google as a fast-loading website, you have to pay attention to these changes and continue to provide relevant, interesting content as part of your SEO strategy.

The Three Metrics Comprising the Core Web Vitals

The three user-focused metrics that will measure how healthy a website is in terms of user experience are:

Largest Contentful Paint

If you are hearing this term for the first time, it may sound complex. However, this term points to the average load time of the main content of a page. LCP is based on the largest visible block of text or image. Therefore, this is not simply a measure of how fast your page loads. Instead, it measures these speeds more specifically by narrowing it down to the load speed of the main visible content.

Note that LCP may be different for different pages. For example, in a blog, the page’s main content may be the H1 headline, while product pages may have images as the most crucial content.

This metric will be scored at the page level. Google requires that the page’s main content load in less than 2.5 seconds. If your content loads for more than 2 1/2 seconds, you will get a lower LCP score. By ensuring short lead times for the most important content on a page, Google aims to provide a more seamless user experience to users, which would mean that your website quality goes high.

To make it easier to understand, you may recall when you needed something from a website, and it loaded so slow you left the website. If you can access the same product or service on another website, it will be more likely for you to stay and interact with the content on the website.

Some tips to improve LCP Time include:

  • Get a hosting plan that allows fast server response and fast page load times. Avoid shared hosting servers and consider a plan upgrade.
  • Optimize images so that they are already in the right format.
  • Implement the necessary CSS so that you can inline above the fold content and load it correctly.

Cumulative Layout Shift

Just like the name suggests, cumulative layout shift will measure the visual stability of a page. Google noticed and flagged downshifting content such as blocks of texts, images, and links as the page loads due to poor user experience and intends to fix it with this new metric.

This metric will help prevent user frustration and accidental link clicking that results in going into unintended pages. This will be measured by scoring the cumulative number of unexpected shifts. For example, a website providing a quality user experience should target a cumulative layout shift of 0.1 or less. By adhering to this rule, you can improve your SEO performance and user experience simultaneously.

You can use tools such as the CLS Generator and Chrome Dev Tools to find layout shifts. These tools compute CLS scores and will highlight the shifting areas.

Tips to fix CLS issues include:

  • Avoid inserting popups and ads above content, as it will force the content to shift further down.
  • Use height and width attributes for videos and images so that these elements are allocated the right space in advance.
  • Reserve iFrame, ad, and dynamic content space to avoid layout shifts. You should utilize the overflow: hidden property and use proper dimensions for containers.
  • Use the font-display: optional and link rel=”preload” properties like these can prevent layout shifts.

First Input Delay (FID)

First Input Delay measures when a user puts in a command on a page and when the page executes it. It is recommended that a website has a score of fewer than 100 milliseconds to score highly during a core web vitals assessment. Higher scores bordering or surpassing 300 ms affect SEO performance.

You can tackle the issue of high FID scores by reducing third-party code. For example, you can compress or minify CSS files while breaking JavaScript tasks into smaller tasks.

Other ways to tackle a high FID score include:

  • Use of web workers. You can use web workers to run scripts in the background. By eliminating non-UI operations from the main thread to the background, you make work easier and faster.
  • Optimization of CSS. Just like Javascript, CSS contributes to render blockage and can affect the user experience negatively. Look for ways to reduce unused CSS on your site for better outcomes.

As a business or website owner, you need to ensure that you hit the target for your larger audience. While these metrics will help you improve user experience and SEO rankings, you need to take steps to ensure that you have an effective Google Ads management system  and that other SEO metrics are met as other factors such as user interaction can affect these metrics.

Tools for Measuring and Reporting Core Web Vitals

Google intends to include these metrics in its popular tools. For example, some of the tools that measure Core Web Vitals include:

Chrome User Experience Report

This tool collects anonymous, real user data relating to the Core Web Vitals. Site owners can then assess their performance without necessarily using a manual analytic tool on their page. This extension also powers the Search Console’s Core Web Vitals Report.

While this is one of the best tools to measure your site’s performance metrics, it does not provide detailed, real user data that can be used to diagnose and quickly react to the problems that arise on a site and affect its search engine performance.

Lighthouse and Chrome Development Tools

You can get a core web vitals report using other crucial lab report tools to provide lab data. Some of these tools include Lighthouse and Chrome Development Tools. These tools measure performance features during development, which means they can help you catch any regressions at the development stage before releasing them to users. However, these tools do not measure the FID vital.

Further, you should be aware that lab testing or measurement is in no way meant to substitute field measurement. User interactions may likely affect site performance. The device the actual users have, the network, background processes, and how they interact with the page can all affect your performance. This is why it is crucial to use field measurement for a full and accurate picture.


Google is using its Core Web Vitals as a way to optimize user experience. The current ranking algorithms have already incorporated these metrics, which means that website owners must update their sites to match the expectations. You should constantly monitor these vitals and update your site and content as needed to match up to Google’s expectations. Use the information and tips outlined above to ensure that these vitals stay updated on your site.

What Makes A Good Web Design In 2021

Every year the web design trends introduce the sci-fi and technology-based future of our dreams. But the year 2021 marks changes in the digital web design Brisbane sphere. It beams us into realism instead of hi-tech fantasy, and that’s because COVID-19 put us in quarantine, giving us a chance to recreate real-life experiences and make them available digitally.

The quarantine period also promoted online web businesses to a great extent, which has proved to be a major success for most web developers.

Common Web Design Trends Of 2021

The 2021 web design trends appear to combine digital and ordinary, reflecting the importance of websites in daily lives. It includes unique color schemes, 3D product simulations for online shoppers, novelty typography art, to name a few. Take a moment to check out some of the best web design trends of 2021.

Parallax animation

Parallax is the optical illusion of the fast movement of near objects compared to the objects farther away. We see this effect in our daily lives when viewing passing scenery while traveling in a car/bus. Parallax animation gives a real and surreal effect to the web pages.

Retro Fonts

Retro fonts became popular in the current era of 2021, and many designs featuring vintage typography haven’t aged well.

Horizontal Scrolling

Formerly viewed as a web design old trend, horizontal scrolling is resurging in 2021. The users scroll through a website creating a visual interaction with it.


Neumorphism is becoming a compelling trend of 2021. It is a new, minimal way to design with a soft, extruded plastic look. It’s almost as if the interface has been vacuum-formed.

Mobile-First Mindset

In 2021, smartphones are being used for almost everything, from entertainment to business and profession. Subsequently, a website should be well designed and accessible for mobile users.

Tips For Caring For Your Laptop To Increase Its Longevity

Taking care of your laptop will increase the longevity of its existence. Ultimately it will also save you from going out to purchase a new one or getting it repaired. There are many different tips and tricks that you can abide by increasing the longevity of your laptop, however; there are a few tips that top the chart to ensure the laptop lifespan.


Reduce The Background Apps

The background process on your laptop can become extensive if it is not properly managed correctly. If it is not regularly checked, the processes can reduce the laptops life span because it has to run so hard to keep up with them. Many apps are required to run in the background to keep the laptop in prime functioning condition. However, additional apps that are installed can have the background functions disabled when the apps are not in use.


To make this process more efficient you can utilize the battery saver mode or on Mac the power naps mode. It will also help with the brightness of the computer and push functions that can take a toll on the battery of your laptop. Alternatively, you can change the Wi-Fi status to off and the Bluetooth function off to preserve the processes that they consume while on. Each one of these functions is constantly hammering the laptop’s functionality to perform at top speed and performance, therefore, turn them off when you are not using them and it will help preserve the longevity of your laptop.


Consider Your Battery Status

The battery inside your laptop is a primary tool that allows your laptop to operate. Taking care of your battery in the best way is a smart idea to increase the lifespan of the laptop. There are a few tips to preserve your laptop’s battery to make the most out of it.

One, consider the time spent charging the laptop. It is a good idea to deplete the battery down every so often and then charge it fully without using it. On the other hand, you can wait to charge the battery around twenty percent, but remember to not let it overcharge. If your laptop stays on the charger all the time, it hurts the battery’s capacity. A good rule of thumb is to deplete the charge or charge the battery to around fifty percent before putting the laptop away for an extended period to allow for the battery to continue staying in prime condition.


Constant Air Circulation

Air-flow is everything when it comes to the performance of your laptop according to the techies at Techimperatives. If your laptop is getting too hot or sitting on a pillow for too long, it has to work harder to work. There is a laptop stand that you can use that allows the right amount of air-flow intake to keep the heat regulated accurately. If you feel your laptop getting too hot or sounding louder than normal, put it up for a little while to let it cool down.

Look at it like this, if you overheat your laptop, it will ruin the computer’s insides, thus decreasing its lifespan. This can also go for storing the laptop in mild weather conditions, out of direct sunlight, out of an enclosed car on a hot day, or near heating elements like heaters.

Each time the laptop gets to ho it damages the battery and the processing units, which will decrease the longevity of the computer. Therefore, be considerate of the weather elements and giving it the ability to have consistent air-flow for maxim life potential.

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, there are many different ways to increase your laptop’s life. You can disable background apps, push notifications, and turn off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when not in use, be aware of charging habits, keep it out of heated areas, and consider your air-flow. You can also keep maintenance it for dust and debris to keep it as clean as possible. Each one of these tips helps increase your laptop’s longevity and should be considered each time the laptop is on or off. If you laptop is beyond DIY fixes, you have to bring it to a professional laptop repairs service.

Custom Sticker are Great

With so many custom sticker printing companies available on the open market it can be hard to narrow down your selection from the options that are a present to you in today’s day and age. When purchasing custom stickers it is always important to research the company that you will be purchasing the product from for your business. Digital media is a popular way to advertise the products that you are trying to sell. Combining digital media with print items can lead to your company gaining more exposure to people who are looking to buy your products. Stickers allow your company to have a piece of equipment that can be shared with others and can also be used as a gift for people to give or receive. The future is very bright for sticker companies who produce quality products for the masses.

Popular Sticker Niches

In the skating arena stickers are a very popular way to customize your board so that it has a unique feel when compared to other skateboarders’ equipment. It is refreshing to see companies who produce quality stickers for people who are looking to have a cool piece of equipment that they can share with their friends. In surfing, community stickers are quite popular when you compare them to other customizable items. Surfing has a chance to customize their board which is great for anyone who is looking to stand out among other surfers. People are looking for ways to express their personalities through usable items and custom stickers are a great way to show your individualism.

Creating Quality Stickers

A great aspect that stickers have is the fact that you are able to create your own logo that is unique when compared to other items. You do not have to go to a large company to have quality stickers produced. It can be hard to find an application that is ideal for you sticker creation needs and this can be frustrating for anyone who is looking to create high-quality stickers. With so many stick applications on the open market, it is very important to find a company that produces premium products at a quality price. Companies like sticker app is a perfect way to get started in the sticker realm and the application allows you to have freedom over what design you would like to create. The combination of digital media and print media allows their user a chance to gain access to a premium product that can be created through a simple process.

Create your own Business

If you want to create your own business create custom stickers is a great way to create an additional way of generating income. Young people are becoming entrepreneurs and are looking for different ways to create income through unique ideas. Stickers are a great way to appeal to the youth of America and can be quite lucrative for anyone who is looking to start a business. The custom stick market place is open for people all across the world and should be looked into for anyone who is looking to advertise a product. Custom stickers are a great way to get your brand known and a cool way to interact with the community you are trying to infiltrate. Always remember that when it comes to custom stickers research should be the number one priority of anyone looking to purchase a unique item.

What can a digital marketing company do to promote your website?

With the huge competition most websites deal with on the Internet nowadays, some are considering hiring a digital marketing agency nj to help.

Can a digital marketing company promote your website, however, or would you just be wasting your money? Read on to find out.

Content marketing — One of the first things a company will often do is content marketing. This not only means writing new content for your website, but also promoting the content already on it. They will often connect new content to an ebook or another promotion being offered. Thus, not only getting more traffic to your site, but also earning you money through sales from the site when new visitors get there.

Social media marketing — Promoting your site via social media can be a full-time job. A job most webmasters simply do not have time to do. A good digital marketing company will create social media accounts for you, and then promote your site and its content through paid and unpaid posts. In some cases, the company may also recruit new followers to your social media accounts. This brings your accounts and your website to the attention of advertisers.

Email marketing your website — Some website owners seem to think email marketing is now dead, but nothing could be further from the truth. A good digital marketing company will set up an email list for you, and then go after new subscribers to add to it. Once on your email list, these subscribers are a captive audience that will respond to mailings, visit links you send them and even buy products or services you may be selling.

Search engine optimization — Of course, search engine optimization or SEO is what digital marketing companies like seolutions or thehoth do best. A good company will go through every part of your website, from your content to your keywords, your offsite links to your onsite links. They will then make changes so that your site is more interesting to search engines, and is optimized to get the most attention from them possible with the site you currently own. Once this is implemented, you should see more free and organic traffic arriving from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Using a digital marketing company to promote your website is not only a smart idea in 2019, it is often a requirement. A reputable company can see things on your website — both good and bad — that are affecting your ability to get the large amount of traffic you need in order to thrive.

Read online reviews of some of the best digital marketing companies, and then ask several of them for quotes for your website. Once you hire one, you should begin to see positive results in just a few weeks.

What can you expect to find with an online notepad?

If you are looking for ways to better organize your life, and you have not yet looked at one of the free online notepads out there, you really are missing out on an opportunity to get organized.


These online notepads are not only great for making notes, they have many other features as well. Here are just a few of them that you can expect.


The ability to make notes — While making notes online may seem like something that was done decades ago, today’s online notepads take it to a completely new level.

A typical notes app, like the one from ClickUp for instance, allows you to start, sort and organize multiple notes. These notes are added into a notepad, can be moved around, edited and deleted as they become less relevant or more so.


Confidential notes — Unlike with a typical organizational tool online, online notepads like ClickUp’s are not accessible by anyone else.


This means all the notes you make on any work project you do will only be seen by you. Giving you the ability to make copious notes about any project you are working on, without offending anyone else that is also on the same team.


Creating agendas — You can also create an agenda for yourself, so that you can plan out your entire day from the minute you wake up.


A typical online notepad will separate all the things you have to do into time slots. That way, a quick look will tell you if you have completed everything you needed to do by a certain time today, or if there are still other things left to do.


You can also add to, edit or delete any agenda item you add, making it even easier to organize your schedule every day.


To do lists are easy to create — The online notepad created by ClickUp is one of the better ones online at the moment as it allows you to create very easy lists of things to do.


You can use this function to create lists of errands to run, household chores to do, gifts to buy or even things that need to be done before you go on holiday or leave for Christmas vacation.


Each list takes just seconds to create, and can then be edited and changed at will.


Separating your notes via the notepad — The notepads put out by companies like ClickUp are excellent as well as you can separate all the notes you make on the notepad itself.


That means, when you look at it, just one notepad sheet pops up with the headings of all of the lists you have made. You then just click on each list, and the tasks under that list will immediately pop up.


You can also easily move items from list to list if you decide priorities change.


A free online notepad — Some notepads like the one from ClickUp are free to start using, so you do not have to worry about wasting any money on them. Why not give one of them a try today?

How Can SEO Help Grow Your Business

The internet has opened a floodgate of opportunities to most businesses around the world. Today it is almost impossible to find a company or business that doesn’t own a website. In fact, most businesses have taken advantage of the World Wide Web to market and sell their products far and wide. Customers, on the other hand, have benefited a lot since their work has been made easier. All they need to do is search for what they want on the internet and within a short period they have their goods delivered right on their doorsteps.


Search engine optimization (SEO) has proved to be one of the greatest marketing tools on the internet. The fact that there are numerous websites on the internet advertising various products means that competition is stiff. Therefore as a business owner, you ought to explore ways to stay ahead of such competition. SEO can help your business achieve desired results within the shortest time possible. The most important thing is to apply the right techniques not employed by your competitors. It is often advisable to seek for reputable SEO firms, for example NJ SEO, if you are not sure of how to execute different strategies.


Most people think that creating a website for the company is all they need for their business. However, you need to realize that having a website alone is not enough. SEO is an online marketing strategy that that has the ability to make small businesses more visible online and grow faster as a result. It is a fact that a large number of website traffic hitherto is generated through the proper application of SEO strategies. The problem is that some people do not understand how to properly utilize search engine optimizations for their businesses. That is why it is important to employ the services of a professional in case you are not acquainted with SEO strategies.


One of the most important things to consider while using SEO is the use of keywords. Keywords make it easy for online users to find your business or products online easily. For example, if you have a business that provided laundry services in New York. You will have to strategically use certain keywords associated with your business for prospective clients to find you. However, it not appropriate to overuse keywords because that may make your content boring. Besides, do not use keywords without properly understanding the behavior of online users. For instance, you should use “laundry service New York” rather than laundry services.

Last but not least, ensure that you create quality and relevant content for your business website. Do not emphasize the use of keywords at the expanse of quality and relevant content. Remember the main aim is to engage your readers and possibly convince them to purchase your products or services.

In addition, blogging is another great way of engaging your customers. It can be a great way of keeping your clients up to speed with all the happenings in your business. In general, the use of search engine optimization (SEO) can easily help your business grow if the right steps and strategies are applied.