How to take advantage of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 to become more productive

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 is one of the most remarkable installments in the Office suite by this large enterprise. It continues to have one of the best word processing to date, Ms. Word, and the well-known Microsoft Excel, which is the preferred option to create spreadsheets for data entry and similar processes, to mention an example.

This new installment marked the arrival of several new features and improvements that have made the whole suit perfect for collaboration and productivity. If you’re unsure how you can use it to improve your performance, here we have a few tips you can consider if you’d like to become the best version of yourself within a few weeks.

1.  Co-authoring in real time

Co-authoring has been present in Office for several years, but now we have access to it in real-time – as long as you’re connected to the internet, of course. You will be able to see what other users are doing in a certain document and vice versa.

This feature is available for mobile and computer devices. Thus, you can take your work with you to any place.

2.  Sharing documents easily

Office 2016 allows you to share documents straightforwardly, no matter what app you’re currently using. You will find the “share” button at the top-right corner of any of the Office suite applications. Clicking on it will take you to different sharing options. Now, you can share your results with people without necessarily stopping what you’re doing.

3.  Improved version history

Office 2016 had a great focus on collaboration, and this feature proves it. Now you can see the different versions of a document via the “History” tab on the File menu. This feature is accessible in the major Office applications, like Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

4.  Smart attachments

Before Office 2016, it wasn’t very pleasant to find the exact location of the file you were editing. You don’t have to lose time by finding a particular document anymore because you will be able to see a list of all the recent documents when you select the required option in Outlook.

Outlook will always keep a list of all the documents you’ve recently worked in. It can make sharing files even more straightforward than it already was, allowing you to become more efficient.

5.  OneNote notebook sharing

If you often use Ms. OneNote, you’ll be glad to hear that now you can share it with your teammates easily. This application works pretty much with all of the pieces of media available at the moment, so it can become an excellent resource for your team to work smoothly and quickly if you take your time to learn how to use it.

6.  Clutter in Outlook

If you’re tired of dealing with junk email now and then, we recommend you to take a look at the Clutter option available in the new version of Outlook. It allows you to prioritize each email, choose which ones to remove and which ones to keep. Thus, you’ll be able to keep the mess away from your email and focus only on what’s important.

What is a Spy App, and how does it work?

A spy app is defined as software that enables users to scan someone’s messages or call records remotely. A standard spy app (see spy apps here) is configured to collect the requisite information from the device and convey it to your app account or mobile device. So if you want to access a phone’s information, you can use a spy app for the purpose without needing a password.

How does a spy app work?

There are different kinds of apps available in the market. Usually, these apps are designed to extract data from the targeted phone and enable you to view the data from your remote user control panel. Therefore, the working of a spy app usually constitutes three parts; download the app, install it, and use it to monitor the phone in question. The app replicates the monitoring of the device and allows you to view the data in the same way it would appear on the phone being monitored.

What can you get by using a spy app?

If you want to use a spy app, it must be compatible with the operating system of the targeted device. Otherwise, the app will not work. However, the good news is that most of the apps are compatible with all kinds of devices, be it an Android or an Apple iOS operating system.

When you use a spy app, you can access and monitor various things from the targeted phone. For instance, you can see the messages sent and received on the phone, including the date and name of the sender or receiver. You can even view the deleted messages.

You can also look at call records. Some apps allow you to listen to live calls and record them as well. In addition to these features, you can also look at emails, new or old and even deleted messages. Moreover, you can also gain access to the phone’s location through GPS, including the phone’s location history. Certain advanced apps allow users to view the targeted phone’s activity on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp so that you can see messages exchanged on these sites as well.

Uses of a spy app

A spy app can work very well as parental control. If you want to monitor your child’s activities, who is an active phone user, you can use a spy app for the purpose. For instance, in addition to the features mentioned above, some apps can activate the camera and the microphone of the targeted phone. So, you can keep an eye on your child even when they are away from you. It will also enable you to keep a tab on their messaging and social media engagements to ensure they are out of harm’s way.

The spy app can also be useful to a business owner who wants to track their employees’ movements or make sure that employees are not wasting time and stay productive during work hours. Similarly, if you want to monitor the activities of your significant others who have been acting suspiciously recently, you can use a spy app for the purpose.

In an instance where you do not want to install software on a mobile device, you can use online sites where you can enter the number of the targeted phone and get access to the call records or text messages. However, while these apps are free to use, they require users to install an app for verification as part of their anti-bot system.