How to make your products stand out with effectively designed custom stickers

If you are going to use custom stickers to try to draw attention to your products, you want to be sure they are designed in the right way.

You should take into account what normally attracts a potential customer’s attention, and then make sure your custom stickers do that in every way.

Here are a few tips that may help

Brightly colored stickers — Never go with white or grey stickers, as these just tend to blend in with the product itself. Instead, choose a bright orange, neon green or red sticker that will immediately make the customer notice it once it is placed on your product.

Use a simple message — Some people try to get too complicated with their custom stickers, as they want to tell their customers everything about their products. Keep the message simple, however, and you have far more chance of attracting your customer’s attention enough to have them buy one.

Make the font clear and legible — Never choose ornate fonts with curlicues and swirls. This just annoys the person trying to read it, and they may just walk off instead.

Use a clear, legible and simple font, however, and it will jump out on the sticker. This is the fastest way to get someone to pay attention to both the product, and to the message you are trying to convey.

Make it interesting — Do not just choose a boring circle or square for your custom stickers design. Instead, try to think of a design that is unusual and that is going to make someone look at it twice. For example Food Labels for products are usually very eye catching, so they draw your attention in the supermarket and may push you to purchase the product just based on its look and design.

This could be a book-shaped sticker, if you are trying to sell a bookshelf, or it could be a sticker shaped like a pineapple if your product is a new fruit juice.

For some more tips on how to make your products more marketable, check out the video below.