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The Future Flashes Through the Uniquely Styled Lamborghini Hoverboard

The Future Flashes Through the Uniquely Styled Lamborghini Hoverboard

If you’re intrigued by the Lamborghini Hoverboard, you must be envisioning a future close to cruising on motor devices like those in The Jetsons. The hoverboard experience places you on a spectrum of such future prospects. Hoverboards are definitely the current hype amongst children and teenagers. As a self adjusting and self balancing bike, it has been rated high by individuals who own one. Among many different brands and designs, the Lamborghini Hoverboard is a uniquely styled hoverboard. It bears no affiliation with the Lamborghini automotive brand (as the name would suggest). Its popularity lies in its specific body design. The angular design bears similarity to the Italian Lamborghini sports cars.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Features

The Lamborghini hoverboard is designed with an 8 inch wheel and tire. Its water resistance capacity is IP54. The hoverboard’s maximum speed is 12 km, precisely 7.8 miles per hour. It uses original SAMSUNG batteries (which do not explode). It comes with a remote key control that allows you to turn it on and off. It comes equipped with bluetooth speaker technology and led lights. Its total charging time is 1.5 to 2 hours and has a maximum body weight of 265 lbs. Prior to buying you must ensure the charger included matches or is compatible with your country’s standard.

The Review

Skque has been offering Lamborghini hoverboards since the beginning. It features an 8 inch wheel hoverboard with bluetoooth and led lights. Although, the model appears very attractive and has been viewed with high ratings by a majority of buyers, some customers have reported facing issues with it.


– It features a great sound system, along with the LED lights flashing.

– The battery life lives up to its standard except in cases in which batteries have malfunctioned.

– It has great functionality and an appealing design.

– Its functionality is more suited to flat grounds.


– The plastic frame isn’t durable enough to withstand wear, tear and scratches.

– The sides easily chip off; the structure lacks sturdiness.

– It is not sustainable for a prolonged use.

There are some specifics to consider when buying a hoverboard, in the light of safety recommendations. Since the greatest concern for most parents is safety, parents should understand the features of hoverboards that contribute to increased safety. When it comes to buying children hoverboards, consider the velocity of the hoverboard and settle for the one that has a maximum velocity of 6 mph. Ensure that the battery life of the hoverboard is enduring. In light of recent events, fatal explosions have occurred from batteries burning out, ensure the battery quality is vouched for and is stated by the company as being safe from potential explosions. Explore and examine the list of brands that have been recalled for being unsafe by the safety commission.

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