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Is it worth to buy iPhone7?

Keeping an Apple Product is a pride for people and iPhones are no exception. Like every other phone, iPhone 7 also has its pros and cons, Let us discuss them to see whether it is worth it to buy this phone or otherwise.


Want to go for a swim and take your phone with you? Now you don’t have to worry about ruining your smartphone. Finally, Apple has incorporated this in their new iPhone7 and made it waterproof. You don’t have to be worried that the water may harm your most beloved possession and can go have fun.


iPhone 6S had one of the better cameras of 2015 but now iPhone7 improves it further. Although it misses out on a larger sensor and a dedicated pro mode but people are generally happy with the addition of OIS and a larger aperture of f/1.8 making the phone take much better low light photos compare to the iPhone 6. iPhone7 plus has a dual camera which enables 2x optical zoom using the two different lenses.



iPhone7 has a new A10 processor which means it is going to be amazingly fast. Apple has continued its legacy with incredibly powerful processors with this phone as well. If you keep the screen at a lower resolution you can improve the phones’ performance.

Stereo Speakers

This came as a total surprise for most iPhone lover as no one expected Apple to include this in the new iPhone7 but this is a change which has been considering a welcome change nonetheless.

Headphone Jack

Starting with the cons about iPhone7, the story of the missing jack has frustrated a lot of people and this is a major no-no when thinking of buying an iPhone7. This is not beneficial for consumers in any way but Apple can make a lot of money with this change because people will be opting for Bluetooth headphones or AirPods as Apple calls it which will cost about $160. This absence of a headphone jack makes iPhone7, not a good option for people to go for.



The iPhone7 is pretty much similar to iPhone 6 but the biggest complaint people have is the amount of bezel around the screen which gives a non-premium look and is a poor usage of space.


The battery life of iPhone7 is decent but it could have been much better. People sarcastically suggest adding a millimeter of thickness to this phone but give them a larger battery. Is that too difficult Apple?


750×1334 pixel display is so 2013ish. For the asking price, this could have been much better. Every single manufacturer is offering better displays with higher resolution and a 1080p display on iPhone 7 would have been perfect but Apple didn’t seem to care about what other do when it comes to display.


Apple makes it be like “Take it or leave it!” However, this time taking it is not really a good choice when you can have a way better option in the same price unless you are a die-hard Apple lover.


New Generation Phones in the Markets

Smart Phones are becoming a necessity. One can simply not go through a day without using their phones. The urge to buy the latest and newest phones with tons of features and apps is increasing day by day. Here are some of the new generation phone which has already hit the market.

 Moto Z Play

An incredible smartphone at a price of $461. The coolest thing about this phone is that the extra attachments can simply snap on to the back of your phone which allow you to use a speaker, battery pack, optical zoom or a mini projector when you want. The design is brilliant and the phone is a real boon. Lasting almost 24 hours, this phone has the longest battery life score and is best for workaholics who work round the clock and have little time to charge their phones and with a snap-on battery pack this phone will last for more than 24 hours. Isn’t that cool? So if you want a phone that can go a distance without robbing your bank then this one is the best choice for you.

person-woman-smartphone-carSamsung Galaxy S7

Now commonly called the phone which explodes but the number of improvements that it has received inside make it by far the best Android smartphone we’ve ever seen. With an incredible battery life, unprecedented speed, dust proof, and water proof body this is a great phone. It rectifies lots of problems the customers had with S6 as it now has a microSD slot to expand the storage up to 200GBs.


OnePlus 3

With this new phone, OnePlus have ditched their restrictive invite system and made it available for everyone right from day one. If you think OnePlus 2 was great value for your money then you will surely be overwhelmed with this new entry. It has got a huge 6GB of RAM and a snapdragon 820 which make it the fastest smartphone rivaling LG G5. Combined with a 63GB storage as standard and a stunning aluminum frame, this smartphone has got plenty of ammo to compete in big smartphone leagues.

pexels-photoMotorola Moto X-Force

This phone is truly the kind of all. With an incredible shatterproof display, this is an astonishing feat of engineering. Forget about ever breaking your phone’s screen ever again. You can play baseball with this phone and it would remain completely unscathed. Equipped with a super-fast octa-core processor, a fantastic camera, one of the largest batteries of the year and a gorgeous 5.4in display this is one great phone we have ever seen.


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  • Ming-Chi Kuo sees "revolutionary" front camera for the Apple iPhone 8
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  • Verizon cuts price of Yahoo acquisition by $350 million, deal to close next quarter
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    Verizon and Yahoo have announced that because the latter had been hacked twice, the price of Verizon's acquisition of the once proud internet company will be reduced by $350 million. That means Verizon will pay $4.48 billion for the company, down from the originally announced $4.83 billion. Yahoo had been hacked in 2013 and 2014 with the first one affecting over 1 billion Yahoo subscribers... […]

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